M-EPLI’s first post

M-EPLI & Maastricht’s Law Faculty
(a view of the courtyard in late summer)

This first post on the M-EPLI blog is atypical. It aims to inform you about the reasons behind this blog and about the fields it covers. The main reason for the creation of this blog lies in the establishment of the Maastricht European Private Law Institute (M-EPLI) at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law. This new institute aims to create a stimulating international environment for colleagues, students and foreign guests interested in the field of European private law and related areas, and to do high quality research aimed at the international academic forum. It thus adds to the international profile of Maastricht University. But the M-EPLI Blog will not only keep you informed about the things happening at M-EPLI. It will also cover developments in European private law, comparative law and internationalisation of law in general (and will occasionally inform you about developments in national law as well). The blog thus produces the ongoing narrative of the internationalisation of law.

Another reason for setting up this blog is that most of the things we do are funded by public money. We therefore feel the need to inform a broader audience than only academics about our activities. While the focus of our institute is primarily on fundamental research to be published in international journals and books, the scope of this blog is much broader. We believe that the things we do deserve a broader audience than just an academic one.

We hope your interest has been piqued: more to follow shortly!


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