European Legal Traditions – Centralising and Decentralising Forces

The 17th European Forum of Young Legal Historians will be held from April 13 to 16 in Maastricht. The conference is special in that it is meant for and organised by young legal historians. They are the audience, they are the speakers and they are the organizers.

This large, truly European, congress is being organized by researchers at Maastricht University, namely, Emanuel van Dongen, Hester van der Kaaij, Mariken Lenaerts, Tanja van der Meer, Janwillem Oosterhuis, Serban Vacarelu and Stefan Weishaar. A number are M-EPLI fellows. The conference will take place at the Faculty of Law in Maastricht.

For those interested to attend, more information and an application form are available on the website

The Forum will focus on European legal traditions and their centralizing and de-centralizing forces; Justinian’s Corpus iuris, the medieval ius commune of Roman and canon law, the usus modernus pandectarum. Also discussed are the jus proprium, such as customary law, including the English common law and, specifically, the national codifications of the 19th century. 

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Credit-based Divorce, World of Warcraft & Random Acts of Kindness

Marina Bay Sands.
Gobsmacked, I was.
I’ve been away for two-and-a-half years and much has changed (except the place is still clean, green, and efficient) in Singapore. Reading a copy of the Straits Times on the outbound flight, I learnt that – amid usual charges of gerrymandering – electoral boundaries have changed. The skyline is also different – and I was literally gobsmacked by the magnificent view of (and from) the newly-minted Marina Bay Sands. Taking the trains, it seems to me that there are more caucasians working and living here, many of whom appear relatively well-integrated (at times adopting something of the Singlish patois). As a casual observer, I noticed, too, that three in every four persons were often glued to their smartphones. This often made walking along one of Orchard Road‘s sprawling malls something of an obstacle course.
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Private Actors 2.0

Late last year, this blog provided a snippet on Jan’s Inaugural Lecture as holder of the Maastricht-HiiL Chair for the Internationalisation of Law. I am happy to say that the electronic version of the lecture has recently been made available to those of us interested in reading it, by simply following this link.
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