Introduction to the Ius Commune Research School 2011

On 26 and 27 September, the first meeting of the Ius Commune Research School for new PhD candidates of the participating law faculties was held at Maastricht University.

The first day of this introductory meeting was devoted to introducing the new candidates to the Research School and indeed to each other, as well as to the sharing of experiences with advanced PhD candidates and Assistant Professors (including M-EPLI’s very own Bram Akkermans). The candidates were given detailed information on the working of the Research School and the content of the training programme by Marcel Schaper, Junior Researcher at Maastricht University, as well as a number of invaluable tips and experiences (or ‘nuts and bolts’) by Dr. Akkermans, who was as enthusiastic and encouraging as ever! The first day was concluded with a presentation by Prof. Dr. R. Prokisch, Professor of Tax Law at Maastricht University, who offered some interesting insights into the work of a programme coordinator, and finally a welcoming word from the new Dean of UM’s Law Faculty, Prof. Dr. H. Schneider.

In turn, the second day was dedicated to individual presentations by the new PhD candidates on the topic of their research. This afforded the candidates the opportunity to discuss their initial plans and ideas with each other, as well as to receive feedback on their presentation skills by Maastricht University’s in-house expert, Mr. W. de Grave. Naturally the different presentations covered a wide variety of subjects, and all were well received by the audience. Special mention must go to another resident fellow within M-EPLI, Ms. Catalina Goanta, whose presentation was particularly appreciated not only for its energy and clarity but also for the innovative use of alternative presentation tools to the traditional PowerPoint, which was certainly refreshing!

Last but not least, the participants also got together for a lunch and dinner, which provided them with an additional opportunity to get to know each other and their work in a more informal setting. All involved seemed very enthusiastic about the endeavour they have undertaken, and looked forward to meeting each other again on the occasion of the annual Ius Commune conference, due to be held in Utrecht towards the end of this year.

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