MEPLI Round Table: The ‘Transnational Principles of Civil Procedure’ in an EU context (10 February, Maastricht)

Mepli round table on Tuesday, February

The next MEPLI Round Table (The ‘Transnational Principles of Civil Procedure’ in an EU context. A new project of the European Law Institute and UNIDROIT) will take place on Tuesday, February 10, from 14.00 until 17.00 hours at the Faculty of Law (Bouillonstraat 1-3, Maastricht), in room B0.118.
Speakers and participants in the discussion include: G. Hazard (Hastings, US), J. Sorabji (London), A. Uzelac (Zagreb), W. Rechberger (Vienna), B. Karolczyk (Warsaw), E. Silvestri (Pavia), E. Jeuland (Paris), M. Strandberg (Bergen), C.H. van Rhee (Maastricht).
The discussion will surround the following topics:
*The Principles in an EU context: What are the main issues that need to be addressed?
* Drafting Common Standards and Rules in the area of Civil Procedural Law: What can be learned from the Storme Project, the Federal Rules, the Ibero-American Project and various projects in other fields of law?
* The role of the parties: What are the main differences and similarities when comparing the various EU jurisdictions?
* The role of the lawyer
* The role of the judge
* Co-operation between parties/lawyers and the judge
No registration is required for this event, however for any questions please contact Prof. Remco van Rhee (

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