M-EPLI Roundtable: ‘Walking on Common Grounds? New Insights on the Asian, European, and Latin American Principles of Contract Law’, 26 January 2016, Maastricht

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The Roundtable will attend the Asian, European, and Latin American principles of contract law from a comparative law perspective. Scholars from each of the three continents will share their insights on the status, merits, and potential of the existing contract law principles.

Location: Boardroom (B1.019), Faculty of Law, Maastricht University

For more information and registration, please contact Dr. Agustín Parise (agustin.parise@maastrichtuniversity.nl).




9:00      Opening Remarks, Jan Smits (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)


First Session: Latin America


Moderator: William Bull (Maastricht University)

9:05      Agustín Parise (Maastricht University)

Third-generation Civil Codes: Interaction of New Codes and Harmonizing Principles in Latin America

9:25      Discussion

9:45      Rodrigo Momberg (University of Oxford, UK)

The Principles of Latin American Contract Law: Looking for Identity

10:05     Discussion

10:25     Iñigo de la Maza (Universidad Diego Portales, Chile)

The Concept of Contract in the Principles of Latin American Contract Law

10:45     Discussion

11:05     Coffee Break


Second Session: Asia and Europe


Moderators: Liuhu Luo and Jiangqiu Ge (Maastricht University)

11:30     Shiyuan Han (Tsinghua University, China)

The Principles of Asian Contract Law: What has been done and What’s going on

11:50     Discussion

12:10     Jan Smits

Principles of Contract Law: Beyond Common Ground

12:30     Discussion


12:50     General Discussion, moderated by Janwillem Oosterhuis (Maastricht University)


13:10     Closing Remarks, Agustín Parise

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