Technology, law and the promise of interdisciplinarity: Technolawgy

Smart devices already communicate with each other, why shouldn’t we? When law meets technology: a creative workshop bringing together the fields of law and artificial intelligence through student engagement (see event website here).

This event is about bringing together law students and programming students and enabling them to work creatively on a common theme: Artificial Intelligence. Giving students the possibility to bounce ideas off minds coming from a completely different discipline, this event has the aim of first raising awareness as to the potential of this hands-on approach of throwing students into complex questions that needs insights from multiple disciplines; and second, of bringing to light technology-related topics that are only going to increase in importance (see in this respect Omri Ben-Shahar’s Forbes OpEd on self-driving cars).

Inspired by conferences like Gikii, and the ‘legal hackathons’ organized by the Legal Hackers movement (the brains behind the Technolawgy event, Caroline Calomme, heads the Brussels chapter of this organization), we propose hosting an event for Maastricht University students aimed at developing student competencies in fields that do not form part of their educational core but that, in today’s society, seem omnipresent. Innovation is a buzzword when it comes to law and legal education, but given the classical framework of this field in general, law and technology continues to remain a niche. With technology nurturing disruptive innovation, this event wants to show that there is so much untapped potential for bridging the two fields in creative ways that consist in real interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Our #interdisciplinary organizing team (Arturo Sánchez-Barbado, our third team member is currently a law student with a bachelor in programming) aims to turn this event into a series that can challenge students, academics and practitioners outside the classical framework of a university curriculum.

If you are interested in this event or would like to inquire about future developments, drop us a line at!

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