The Netherlands out of the EU: What does it cost us?

In the light of the upcoming general elections in the Netherlands, a lot of citizens are questioning the membership of the country in the European Union. What are the consequences of a possible NEXIT and what are the pros and cons thereof?

In this KNAW symposium in Maastricht four KNAW-members, including M-EPLI’s Jan Smits, will cover what will happen after the Netherlands leave the EU. A special focus will be laid on the areas of criminal law, private law, and economics. This event will be held in Dutch.

Time: 9th March 2017, 7pm till 9.15pm

Location: Maastricht University Hoofdgebouw, Aula, Minderbroedersberg 4-6, 6211 LK Maastricht


  • Arnoud Boot, full professor of economics at Amsterdam University
  • André Klip, full professor of criminal law at Maastricht University
  • Corien Prins, full professor of law and computerisation at Tilburg University and soon chairwoman of WRR
  • Jan Smits, full professor of private law at Maastricht University

This symposium and the debate will be moderated by Corien Prins.

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