Conference – Towards a Common European Sales Law

29 February 2012, Amsterdam.

Hot on the heels of ERA’s event in Trier, and our own in Brussels, the Centre for the Study of European Contract Law held its conference on the proposed Common European Sales Law (or CESL) in the plush surroundings of the Bethanien Klooster in Amsterdam. The conference proceedings were in Dutch, and aimed at stakeholders in the Dutch community. A glance at the participants list revealed who these stakeholders included: the usual suspects (i.e. academics), law firms and legal counsel, business interests and  consumer organisations. The judiciary sent representatives, as did the ministries of justice as well as economic affairs. An MP for VVD (the Dutch Liberals, a member of the ruling coalition) and the Netherlands Permanent Representation in Brussels also sent observers. Importantly, a member of DG Justice was also in the audience.

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Comparing European and Chinese Contract Law

* This post originally appeared on the European Private Law News, and is contributed by Ms Laura Macgregor (Edinburgh Law School). Click here for more photos of the event.

On 16 and 17 February a workshop took place at Tsinghua University School of Law, Beijing.  This was the first meeting of the collaborators in a project which aims to investigate contract law in China and Europe in a comparative and cross-cultural perspective.  The outcome of the project, funded by The China EU School of Law, will be an edited book to be published in 2013.

Under the careful direction of the editors (Professor Dr Jan Smits and Dr Nicole Kornet both of Maastricht University and Professor Dr. Shiyuan Han of Tsinghua University) the participants had prepared draft papers which were presented at the workshop.  The topics span issues such as general principles, formation, contents, avoidance, remedies and the specific contract of sale.  Each chapter is to be jointly authored by one European and one Chinese academic.

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Roundtable on Common European Sales Law

On 11 October, the European Commission published a Proposal for a Common European Sales Law (CESL) (click here for an earlier post). The Maastricht European Private Law Institute (M-EPLI) is delighted to host a half-day round table on this initiative of such important that it is likely to shape the future of European private law. At stake at the conference is whether the ‘right’ choices have been made in the CESL – spanning issues of both form and substance.Views from academia, legal professional, consumer and commercial stakeholders will be presented. These include views from Prof Eric Clive (Edinburgh Law School and member of the Expert Group), Prof Giesela Ruhl (Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena), Prof Evelyne Terryn (KU Leuven), Eurocommerce, BEUC, CCBE, the Belgian Association of Company Lawyers, DG Justice (the European Commission), as well as papers from M-EPLI residents.
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New Law Review

Atop their promontories on Rhodes, the Maltese Knights (otherwise known as the Knights Hospitallers) were at the forefront of medieval Christiandom’s battles with the Ottomans. Just yesterday, Malta was thanked for going ‘the extra mile’ for providing assistance regarding the Libya situation and for its commitment towards nurturing democracy in North Africa. This morning, I was delighted to learn that Malta is once again punching above its weight class (size-wise that is, I should know, coming myself from a tiny island) – this time through the launch of the ELSA Malta Law Review, an endeavour of the ELSA arm in Malta.
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An Optional European Sales Law

11 October, Brussels – ‘Crisis’, quipped Viviane Reding, stressing talk of ‘the disintegration of Europe’ (though she might just as well have meant the euro). The Union needs to respond strongly – she urged – by stimulating trade, boosting income and creating jobs. It needs to restore Europe’s credibility and regain the confidence of its citizens.
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