The 6th Benelux-Scandinavian Symposium on Legal Theory

On Tuesday June  7th, three M-EPLI members, Hester van der Kaaij, Rudolf Rijgersberg and Jaap Hage departed to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, a city situated very near the polar circle, to be joined one day later by a fourth M-EPLI member, Jan Smits. Their destination was the 6th Benelux-Scandinavian Symposium on Legal Theory, an event at the University of Lapland from June8th to  June 10th that was co-organised by Jaakko Husa, an invited fellow of M-EPLI.
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A New Assignment for the Rome I Regulation

When the Rome I Regulation was finalised in 2008, certain questions concerning the effect of assignments upon third parties (e.g. judgment creditors, security holders, prior assignees of the same right) were left open. In this connection, the Commission undertook to prepare and submit a report on the question of the effectiveness of an assignment or subrogation of a claim against third parties, and the priority of the assigned or subrogated claim over a right of another person (Art 27(2)).
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Credit-based Divorce, World of Warcraft & Random Acts of Kindness

Marina Bay Sands.
Gobsmacked, I was.
I’ve been away for two-and-a-half years and much has changed (except the place is still clean, green, and efficient) in Singapore. Reading a copy of the Straits Times on the outbound flight, I learnt that – amid usual charges of gerrymandering – electoral boundaries have changed. The skyline is also different – and I was literally gobsmacked by the magnificent view of (and from) the newly-minted Marina Bay Sands. Taking the trains, it seems to me that there are more caucasians working and living here, many of whom appear relatively well-integrated (at times adopting something of the Singlish patois). As a casual observer, I noticed, too, that three in every four persons were often glued to their smartphones. This often made walking along one of Orchard Road‘s sprawling malls something of an obstacle course.
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Private Actors 2.0

Late last year, this blog provided a snippet on Jan’s Inaugural Lecture as holder of the Maastricht-HiiL Chair for the Internationalisation of Law. I am happy to say that the electronic version of the lecture has recently been made available to those of us interested in reading it, by simply following this link.
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Consumers and Food Labelling – New Survey

Yummy or Yucky?

“What’s in a name?” asked a Capulet to her Montague, “That which we call a rose would by any other name smell as sweet!” While that may be the case, I suspect that, without accurate food labelling, the Juliet of today’s world would not be able to affirm with certain conviction what exactly goes into her lithe form when she downs a Starbucks trenta or microwaves the local supermarket’s ready-made lasagna. Food nutrition is an important aspect of healthy living (the other being exercising). You are, literally, what you eat. Studies have shown that the type and quantity of food intake determines a person’s mood, energy level, and even intelligence (there may soon be on the market a Gatorade for the brain). At the societal level, ensuring healthy eating reduces the burden on healthcare resulting from malnutritional or obesity related ailments (I’m reminded of a rather clever but shortlived 2008 BBC miniseries entitled “The Supersizers” which explored changing diet and calorie intake through the ages).

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