Book Review: Zheng Sophia Tang, ‘Electronic Consumer Contracts in the Conflict of Laws, Oxford and Portland, Oregon, Hart Publishing, 2015, 383 pages

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Buying goods, services or digital content online has become as easy and natural as buying them in a corner shop. More confident consumers increasingly venture abroad for better choice and lower prices. Valid contracts can be concluded with a click of the mouse and the physical location of the seller or provider has become less of a constraint for innovative new business models.

However, the constant growth in ecommerce does not come without important and fascinating legal questions. One of the most pertinent and, admittedly, complex relates to the conflict of laws. Which law should apply to the contract concluded online between businesses and consumers based in different EU countries and before which court the parties should bring the disputes?

The second edition of the book “Electronic Consumer Contracts in the Conflict of Laws” by Prof. Zheng Sophia Tang (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2015, 383 p.), a Chair in law and commerce at Newcastle University and a barrister, brings an updated comprehensive assessment of many legal issues surrounding the conflict of laws in electronic consumer contracts.

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