Maastricht Private Law Lecture 2017: Prof. dr. Reinhard Zimmermann


The Maastricht Private Law Lecture, hosted by the Maastricht Department of Private Law, is an annual event at which a most distinguished scholar is invited to give a lecture on a topic related to the wide field of private law. The lecture is preceded by an interactive seminar with PhD-researchers.

The 2017 Maastricht Private Law Lecture will be given by Prof. dr. Reinhard Zimmermann  (Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg) on 27 January.

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M-EPLI Roundtable: ‘Walking on Common Grounds? New Insights on the Asian, European, and Latin American Principles of Contract Law’, 26 January 2016, Maastricht

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The Roundtable will attend the Asian, European, and Latin American principles of contract law from a comparative law perspective. Scholars from each of the three continents will share their insights on the status, merits, and potential of the existing contract law principles.

Location: Boardroom (B1.019), Faculty of Law, Maastricht University

For more information and registration, please contact Dr. Agustín Parise (




9:00      Opening Remarks, Jan Smits (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)


First Session: Latin America


Moderator: William Bull (Maastricht University)

9:05      Agustín Parise (Maastricht University)

Third-generation Civil Codes: Interaction of New Codes and Harmonizing Principles in Latin America

9:25      Discussion

9:45      Rodrigo Momberg (University of Oxford, UK)

The Principles of Latin American Contract Law: Looking for Identity

10:05     Discussion

10:25     Iñigo de la Maza (Universidad Diego Portales, Chile)

The Concept of Contract in the Principles of Latin American Contract Law

10:45     Discussion

11:05     Coffee Break


Second Session: Asia and Europe


Moderators: Liuhu Luo and Jiangqiu Ge (Maastricht University)

11:30     Shiyuan Han (Tsinghua University, China)

The Principles of Asian Contract Law: What has been done and What’s going on

11:50     Discussion

12:10     Jan Smits

Principles of Contract Law: Beyond Common Ground

12:30     Discussion


12:50     General Discussion, moderated by Janwillem Oosterhuis (Maastricht University)


13:10     Closing Remarks, Agustín Parise

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M-EPLI talk ‘Pecuniary Damages – Measuring the Economic Value of Contracts’, Johannes Flume, 23 September 2015

This academic year’s first M-EPLI talk will be delivered by dr. Johannes Flume of the University of Tübingen on ‘Pecuniary Damages – Measuring the Economic Value of Contracts’, 23 September 2015, 12.30-13.30, ‘Statenzaal’, Faculty of Law (Boullionstraat 1-3, Maastricht).

The aim of M-EPLI talks is bringing M-EPLI fellows together to discuss our research – as well as the research of invited speakers – and this remains one of the most, if not the(!) most, important activities M-EPLI undertakes. It allows us to know what others are doing and provides the perfect opportunity to help them with their research. M-EPLI talks are about research in progress: many M-EPLI talks lead to a M-EPLI Working Paper in our working paper series. Working papers, by their nature, are work in progress. The format of the M-EPLI talks is therefore 15-20 minutes of presentation and 45-40 minutes of discussion.

In this talk dr. Flume will suggest a new way to understand the foundations of pecuniary damages in the case of breach of contract by connecting contract law with basic capital market economics. He argues that the amount necessary to compensate the aggrieved is equal to the hedge effected by locking in the price with respect to the market value at the time of the breach. Payoff measurements used for linear financial products prove to be very helpful in the field of contract law. He proposes that the value of a positive payoff measure of linear derivatives is tantamount to pecuniary damages. The so-called market price rule is the epitomization of that idea. The legal reality is, however, different.

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MEPLI Presents Its “Law after Dark” Series with an Inaugural Talk by Stephen Bogle

Who: Stephen Bogle (MA, LLB, Dip LP, LLM, Solicitor)

s200_stephen.bogleStephen Bogle is a lecturer in Private Law at the University of Glasgow and a PhD Researcher at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the emergence of a will theory of contract in Scotland, looking at how theology and natural law philosophy interacted with legal development in Scotland during the seventeenth century. Stephen’s research also touches upon obligations, including, but not limited to contract theory, legal history, and contemporary issues in consumer and commercial law.

Stephen graduated from the University of Edinburgh MA (Hons) (Mental Philosophy) (2005), the University of Strathclyde LL.B (Ordinary) (2007), the Glasgow Graduate School of Law Dip LP (2008), and the University of Edinburgh LLM by Research (Distinction) (2012). Stephen is also a qualified solicitor having trained at Maclay Murray & Spens LLP between 2008 and 2010.

What: Talk by Stephen on “Fairness, Just Price & Complex Markets: Lessons from Sir David Dalrymple’s Pamphlet Circa 1720”, followed by an open discussion with those in attendance. Drinks and snacks will be served.

When: 14 May 2015 (6:00pm – 8:00pm) [Please be advised that this is the first day of Ascension, which means that the Faculty of Law will be closed].

Where: Conference Room of the Café Tribunal (Tongersestraat 1, 6211 LL Maastricht).

How: If you are interested in attending this talk, email Mark Kawakami at: Please keep in mind that space will be limited.

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Recent MEPLI working papers




– Janwillem Oosterhuis, Unexpected Circumstances Arising from Word War I and Its Aftermath: ‘Open’ versus ‘Closed’ Legal Systems, No. 2014/18.

– Katri Havu, Fault in EU Law Based Competition Restriction Damages Cases, No. 2014/16.

Find them here:

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Registration open for ‘200 Years Savigny and Thibaut: The Codification Debate Revisited’ (MEPLI Round Table, 10 October 2014)


We already wrote about the next Round Table that MEPLI will host in Maastricht on 10 October.

Registration is now open via this link, where you can also find more information about the location as well as the programme of the event.



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