Stephan Mulders MSc. LLM.

Online reputation and privacy lawyer

Stephan graduated in 2016 with distinction from Tilburg University with a thesis on the success rate of lawyers, using big data techniques to analyse the actual Dutch court judgements on a three-year span. As a lawyer, he currently protects the online reputation of his clients in various cases. In practice, this means litigation against large international internet platforms like Google, Facebook or Twitter, to obtain the identity of the users of these platforms to be able to hold the anonymous user liable for these expressions. Stephan believes that the right to be anonymous should not be abused to prevent the legal discussion about the permissibility of online expressions. These procedures involve topics such as: international jurisdiction, the right to privacy and the right to freedom of expression. The other side of his practice consists in advisory services on the implementation of the GDPR and the obligations which stem from European privacy laws. Stephan has a special interest in the right to privacy according to the ECHR and its relationship with the right to freedom of expression. Has written more than 100 articles on privacy and the freedom of expression on his blog Stephan is joining MEPLI as an external fellow, as he wishes to undertake more empirical legal research, using data science methodologies.